Spain against Democracy.

Spain against Democracy

The actions below are taking place in a european country, supposedly modern and democratic. Spain is acting against the right of the Catalan people to decide their future through a voting process next oct-1-2017.

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Latest news

Second day of protests in Catalonia


After a very intense day yesterday, with people protesting for more than 12 hours straight against the arrest of 14 high ranking Catalan government officials, today Catalans began what they warn will be a non-stop mobilization.
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Spanish police storm Catalan government buildings


Dozens of government buildings were raided by the Guardia Civil this morning, and at least thirteen people have been arrested, most of them high ranking officials.
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Spain’s Guardia Civil raids Catalan government HQ


Three high-ranking Catalan officials have been unlawfully detained by Spanish gendarmes.

Mayors appear in Court


Mayors started to appear in Court today for their support of the independence referendum. 761 out of 948 have already said that they will collaborate with the vote.
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Spain’s Guardia Civil in search of census cards and polling supervisor notices


The quest for referendum material continues. Spain’s Guardia Civil military police force raided two delivery service plants near Barcelona early Tuesday.
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Raids and confiscations continue


Spain is still trying to stop the October 1 referendum by all means. Raids and confiscations of referendum material have increased in the past few hours. Meanwhile, the Catalan government is going ahead with its plans.
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Interview: President Carles Puigdemont


Puigdemont: ‘Europe is concerned about the Spanish government’s failure to address an issue that could become a European problem’

Spanish government announces seizure of 100,000 1-O posters


The Spanish police paid a visit to three Catalan print shops, in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Hospitalet and Badalona.